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  • Showtime delighted client base has expanded by 300% over a short span of time

    Apr - 26 - 2016

    Customers are the bloodline of any business. Organizations believe that they are the resources upon which their success rest. Businesses can flourish only when it provides a product or service ...

  • Launch of Rotary Innovation 2015-2016 Event app

    03 - 31 - 2016

    Mobile applications are playing an imperative role as we all are relying on the convenience of access to on-demand information on the go. Mobile apps are said to change the ...

  • Multi-day Event Schedules with Search Option

    Feb - 23 - 2016

    As expectations of customers grow every day, it is significant for businesses to continually improve the quality of the products and remain competitive. Customization is said to be an important ...

  • Showtime Mobile App selected for managing festival events

    Jan - 31 - 2016

    Mobile app technology helps you to create high quality, professional events which exceed clients’ expectations and give delegates a memorable experience. It’s becoming essential to stay organized and minimize the ...

  • Successful implementation of “SHOW TIME” Event Management Mobile APP for Young India (Yi-CII)

    Oct - 31 - 2015

    Use of mobile apps has sky –rocketed and has lead to new opportunities, many association / event organizations/ trade show organizers adopt event apps platform to manage events seamlessly and ...

  • ANGLER released Showtime Mobile Event management App with new variant

    Sep - 29 - 2015

    As time moves, our needs keep on evolving and as a growing organization we continually evaluate our products & solutions map to ensure it meets the needs and interests of ...

  • ANGLER implemented “SHOW TIME” for EO Chennai Association

    Sep - 29 - 2015

    Choosing a Mobile Event App for Events is a growing requirement to achieve through the event you are planning. These event apps have the power to enhance the experience of ...

  • ANGLER unveils the ‘SHOWTIME’ event management mobile app for a global entrepreneurs association

    Feb - 01 - 2015

    A common trait of successful entrepreneur is embracing technology and staying abreast of advancements, just by being so they make a difference. Likewise dynamic associations’ being at the forefront of ...

  • ANGLER launches three variants of ShowTime – Event Management Mobile application

    Feb - 02 - 2015

    In the recent past, ANGLER launched ‘ShowTime’ mobile app to help association events, tradeshows and conference organizers create and manage exclusive mobile events that would maximize the ROI of event ...

  • ANGLER’s Event Management Mobile App ShowTime is selected for global event TiEcon.

    Feb - 02 - 15

    We are thrilled to announce ANGLER’s Event Management Mobile App “ShowTime” is selected for global event TiEcon. TiEcon, is one of the leading & greatest ongoing conference focused around entrepreneurship ...

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