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3 Stages in a Mobile Event App – Pre-event, During event & Post event

Oct 28, 2016 by admin , No Comments

Mobile Event App is one of the most important sources for attendee engagement before, during and after your event. It keeps attendees in the loop and connected to your event well before and after it takes place.

Here’s how Mobile Event Apps helps with each of the three stages of events:

Pre-Event: Sign Up and Reach Out

  • Mobile event registration
  • Event Apps allow event organizers accept reservations online for an event with online payment options. Be sure to include a call out along with a brief roundup of benefits like interactive maps, quicker check in.

  • Social Network Engagement
  • Develop an event app with various social media integrations. Having a platform where event guests can upload pictures of the event, share a post by fellow guest is a great way to build an event’s social media outreach.

During the Event: Inform and Engage

  • Mobile optimized multimedia content
  • Creating a multimedia content for the app is more important; It has an ability to show why the app is worth the download. It will surely increase the download rate when we place this content on the App’s website, YouTube, etc.

  • Push Notifications in Event Apps
  • Real time push notifications in event apps are a great way to encourage attendee engagement during events as well. It allows event professionals to engage with their event attendees immediately, in real time.

  • Mobile Polls to Collect Instant Feedback
  • Developing an effective way to collect instant feedback from your attendees is more significant. A mobile poll is a great way to gather this data which can be used to understand the customer behaviors and areas of improvement.

Post-Event: Keep in Touch Over Time

Completion of the event is not the end of your connection with attendees, you have to continue promoting your products / services to them after they leave. Good follow-up with leads can effectually boost-up the sales pipelines.

  • Secure storage of attendee data
  • Mobile event app lets you securely store your attendee’s personal data, it’s very useful for your future event follow-ups.

  • Data to analyze event success rate
  • Mobile Event App provides data like active session length, app retention rates, participation & engagement, etc.; it can help you analyze the event success rate.

  • Ongoing tracking of user engagement with event materials
  • Mobile app can help you track the user engagement with the event materials like newsletters, social media profiles, etc.

    With our ShowTime event management app, you can efficiently engage with your attendee and track their data. Contact us to know more.

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