Adopt Mobile Technology & Maximize Event ROI
Sep  2017

Adopt Mobile Technology & Maximize Event ROI

Utilization of technology advancements in the events industry can positively impact an event. To maximize event ROI you need to leverage automation, be up-to-date with the latest advancements and gadgets. Mobile Event apps have streamlined meeting planning systems, making it easier for event planners to get their jobs done. As smartphones have penetrated into every market & event attendees will certainly be using one event organizers can now provide Event apps for attendees to have a more personalized experience. Here are some Creative ways to take advantage of technology at events.

  • Make “responsive.” event website Event website can be developed in a responsive (i.e. mobile-friendly) way.
  • Use Mobile Event App to keep attendees informed & engaged throughout the show. With this they can navigate the event venue, See event agenda & speakers, Network with other attendees.
  • Push content messages to your attendees during the event, to help foster a connection and keep the them informed on last minute changes.
  • Ask questions during a presentation and get instant results, then share those answers with the audience.
  • Send out Event surveys to gain important feedback, that enables you to make your next event even better
  • Evaluate the analytics of the app to maximize ROI event planners can evaluate the analytics of the app and collect data / insights to discover what Association member’s /Tradeshow attendees want directly from actions/ Polling Survey

By taking advantage of mobile devices you can easily capture event attendees’ information on the spot, share event posts on social media platforms and maximize your event potential. As you plan your meeting, conference or trade show, take advantage of Event Management apps to stay up-to-date.

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