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Effective Tactics to Increase Event App Download Rate & Usage

Jul 29, 2016 by admin , No Comments

Creating a mobile app for the event is just a part of the entire lifecycle of our start-up. Getting potential customers to download and make use of our app is the most difficult part. Here are few tactics that will guide you to increase the App download rate.

App store optimization

App store optimization is a significant need for app publishers, because lots of event apps are available in today’s market. Only when potential customers are able to find you through search on the App Store It will help to improve the ranking in the app store, which then boost the number of app downloads. A top rank app is more noticeable to target audience and it brings more traffic to the app store page. And by default it leads to getting more users to hit the download button.

Make a Video

Creating a video for the app is more important; It has a great ability to show why the app is worth the download. If we are going to invest in a video, we need to hire a professional company who specializes in App videos. In the video, tell a story that must explain how the app can help to both event organizers and attendees; Also, the subtitles of the video must be in local languages. It will surely increase the download rate when we place this video on the App’s website, YouTube, etc.

Limited Discounts

If the App is paid, offer for free or at a half prize for a short period of time and promote it with the help of services like AppGratis and AppTurbo. It can help to reach more people and hit more downloads.

Press Release

Press release is an ordinary form of promotion method, but still it gives very positive results. Write a compelling and informative press release about the event app and publish it on high authority and traffic sites. It can drive more traffic to the app store page and increase the download ratio.

Social Media Out Reach

Social networks are one of the most effective platforms to promote the event app. We can reach out to potential users through social media platform and share our video, press release and reviews through an appropriate social media channel and ask them to share it with others.

Surely, these app promotion strategies will improve your app ranking and visibility as well increase reach, boost app downloads and its usage. For more details on Mobile Event App development / App store Optimisation you can contact us.

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