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Effective Ways to Measure Event ROI

Dec 13, 2016 by admin , No Comments

Evaluating the success of an event is one of the most challenging yet essential tasks that event organizers need to complete in order to determine if there is an actual ROI.

Here are some ways that event planners can use the data that is being generated before, during, and after their events to providing insights into the value of their event.

Survey Results

Sending surveys during or after the event is a great way to measure interest from your attendees and an excellent way to collect additional data that you can use when planning for your next one. And also need to look at the metrics that come with your survey as well, such as bounce rate, open rate, time on the page, etc. People who spent the time to give you feedback might be qualified leads waiting to be added to your sales pipeline. If you have a mobile event app that allows for surveying, this is an effective way to reach those who are already engaged and using your content to find their way around.

Mobile App Insights

Mobile Event Apps greatly support Event Organizers to measure the ROI by providing valuable insights. It is a treasure of attendee activity that you can export and use to produce data-driven insights.
Within the numerous measures of success, you can identify specifics that give you greater insight into your app users and how to engage them to get greater return. In order to do that, you need to look at certain mobile app metrics such as new users, session per users, growth in new users and retention over time, life time value of acquired users and total revenue of acquired users together and individually.

Social Attending

Using social media to track activity pre and post-event is not new, but keeping up with what your attendees are saying during your event could lead to valuable hints and insights to help optimize your event in the future.

The latest research says that nearly 77% of event organizers use social media as a key engagement strategy before an event, but that number drops to 61% after the event. It seems most organizers would leave on social media after their event is over. But staying with your audience in social media after the event is more important and it leads to help to measure your event success effectively. Using social media data, you can identify engaged attendees who really are benefited out of your event and measure your ROI.

All of the above criteria have their best place in determining the ROI of an event. Contact us to develop the metrics enriched mobile event app that enables you to measure your ROI.

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