Enhance interactivity in conferences with Showtime Mobile app
Jun  2015

Enhance interactivity in conferences with Showtime Mobile app

With rapid growth of mobile technology businesses have started to adopt Mobile Apps to perform numerous “tasks” remotely and offer value-added services to clients. New generation of consumers expect, instant communication and access convenience to their favorite services regardless of devices. To cater to the evolving needs of customer’s event organizers should adopt mobile apps loaded with the latest mobile operating systems like Android or iOS.

Statistics reveal that mobile internet device users have increased by 76% and event organizers spending on Mobile apps creation is high and keeps on going. Creating a mobile application in a most creative and user-friendly manner for conferences is vital today to interact with the customers in real time. Use the capabilities of mobile app to seek the attention of the attendees and keep the attendees on the track.

Showtime mobile event management app is a feature rich native app that enables you to increase your brand visibility, accessibility as well keep attendees more engaged. Showtime provides a great way to increase interactivity and gain maximum attendee involvement during the sessions.

Poll Feature

  • By using the poll questions feature create effective questions and ensure to get actionable responses from attendees
  • Allow attendees to see the results of the polls displayed on their phones or a monitor by means of aesthetic charts & graphs

Social Media

  • By integrating social media platform you can network with others, ‘like’, share comment a particular event and make the most of media opportunities.

Live Q & A

  • Dedicate enough time to Q&A session and leverage the crowd’s power to gain success of your event.
  • Ask feature in showtime will allow audience to get spontaneous answer from speakers for queries.

In addition to the above features showtime conference scheduling app comes with Details of venue, agenda, interactive maps to locate hall, exhibitor parking, bookmark feature, Image gallery, get live updates etc. which will help you to gain valuable insight on how the session went and what improvements you can do to enhance interactivity and add value next time!

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