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Event Apps to Enhance Interactivity & Engage Participants

May 18, 2017 by admin , No Comments

Ultimately, the goal of any event organizer is to create more audience interaction at the event & be successful. Today, audience love to connect with event planners in real-time, one of the best ways to make it happen is adopting event app, the most engaging & interactive tool which delivers valuable information and insightful result. It enables event planners / organizers to gain great benefits not only at the event, but throughout the app’s lifetime. Evoking audience engagement allows event organizers to witness their event’s powerful impact.
Think off numerous interaction & engagement options like Q&A sessions, Surveys, Event Polling & Voting, activity feed etc. to get the best results from your session. By having two-way discussion with audience you can capture every idea and suggestion for later analysis. Brainstorm in a single or multiple rounds and go the extra mile to squeeze more from your event budget.
Receive real-time feedback from audience & display the results dynamically with pie / bar charts and percentages to best engage your audience. Mobile Event apps enables event organizers to visualize audience responses, as well save the responses for post-event analysis, giving additional insight into audience’s perspective.
If the event organizer fails to adopt the app, they’ll probably miss out details scattered across lots of spreadsheets and emails. So harness this feature-rich platform that serve as a complete guide to the event attendees and give participants the opportunity to get involved and create a productive stew of interaction that is largely absent in traditional conferences.

To boost interaction between the audience & speakers, lift the event and provide valuable insights before after & during the event contact us.

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