Excellent Ways to make your events Memorable
May  2015

Excellent Ways to make your events Memorable

Event organizers believe mobile event apps are ideal for today’s mobile audience and invest in innovative mobile apps for conferences, meetings, conventions, trade shows, and events. It increases visibility, streamlines processes and gives users rich experience thereby makes the meeting memorable for attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and events team.

When organizing an event with Showtime event management mobile app you minimize the stress involved keep everything planned and also execute all the details to perfection. Custom features in the mobile app provide unparalleled opportunity for audience engagement and helps them get a great networking experience. By building polling questions into your sessions, developing a discussion board, enabling attendee-to-attendee messaging you can maximize the in-person experience.

Besides the above, you can also increase the memory of the event by following these steps

  • Automated email communications
  • Building pre & post event surveys
  • Creating more targeted sessions
  • Organizing In-session polls
  • Allowing network connections
  • Photo Sharing to share visual memories
  • Get custom updates and notification messages

Showtime Mobile app enables target audience to share their experiences and also facilitates organizers to get better insights that aid in decision-making. The analytics data we receive from attendee’s response assists us to improve our ROI. To take advantage of memorable meetings and easily measure impact of the event and event satisfaction data contact Showtime.

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