Factors to consider when selecting an Event App
Sep  2015

Factors to consider when selecting an Event App

Today we could find apps for anything you may think. Say for example from learning to entertainment. This article states the various must have factors user should consider when selecting an event app for your event. Having an event app is no longer optional but only by selecting a mobile event app with increased attendee engagement you can make your event more successful.

Explore the features, user interface, examine whether it’s secure, scalable, can brand be integrated, attendee be kept engaged and then select the right app for your event. Compare Apps and see if you are getting value for money.

  • See to if your target audiences are familiar with use of apps, downloading & functionality. Choose an App that gives user the best experience in terms of speed and function
  • Look too the event venue and check for its WiFi connectivity. Take necessary measures to effectively address connectivity concerns if any in advance so as to enable attendee participate in live polling and surveys

Must have features

  • Apps that give attendees a place to state their opinions whether positive or negative by providing ratings and feedback.
  • Real-time notifications to help organizer update the last minute changes to participants without any hassle

Remember, only when your app has a balance between what you need to achieve and what your attendees expect from your event you can make sure your stakeholders see positive ROI from your app. The more it helps your attendees, the more value they will find in using it. We develop feature rich Mobile event app that helps you get the most out of your event in a cost-effective way. To know more details about our ShowTime – Mobile Event Management App contact us.

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