Going Mobile Improves Event Management Process
Nov  2015

Going Mobile Improves Event Management Process

Today everyone is mobile savvy and even businesses that relied on paper forms and manual processes are making move to mobile apps. Youth of today rely on these mobile apps for everything and at present it’s an essential element in everyone’s life. With the increase in number of events like seminars, tradeshows, conferences, event organizing companies are updating their systems and processes with the latest technology to match to handle the entire event life-cycle.

No doubt, by integrating mobility into event you can improve your event management process, deliver your clients expectations as well gain ROI. With mobile apps event organizers will remain more targeted and the information they collect will be more in demand. Adopt this app platform to deliver an unforgettable mobile event app experience.

Mobile event app drives engagement and offers a great custom branded solution to planners, exhibitors and sponsors. It allows event organizer’s to manage their event even when they are not at their desk. Going Mobile is easier and it will also ensure you that all the features and functionality can be accessed through Apple and Android devices. It makes attendees to explore all the possibilities of mobile technology and get involved before, after & takes them to the next level.

Key features

  • Ease your event administration tasks
  • Event app is a reliable source to get latest event information and updates
  • It shares everything like venue map , speaker profile, organizers and sponsors to attendees
  • Allows attendees to poll what they expect out of the event
  • Discuss sensitive issues in real time
  • Provide outstanding service for attendees

The need for mobile application development for every event is evolving and this is far more efficient than before. Certainly events of the future will reach new heights in attendee participation and engagement. Wondering how a mobile does all these, contact us to know more.

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