How does Event App Analytics support event planners gain ROI?
Aug  2018

How does Event App Analytics support event planners gain ROI?

Event planners need to make best use of event technology, in particular mobile event app to collect significant data that can be support to do useful analytics. By adopting an event app with built-in analytics you can get reports that assist you to assess attendee behavior, watch real time reports to measure ROI besides take data driven decisions to thrive in the business world.

Gather Valuable Event Data

  • With the help of the mobile event app, event planner can access to crucial information that will show details on number of people who are invited, and data on who actually attended, & reasons for not attending.
  • Event planners can conduct a survey & know on advertising platform that worked best, by inquiring attendees from where they came to know about the conference.

Track Returning Visitor Frequency

  • Analyse on attendees who keep following you on digital event marketing platforms like email, social media, and website.
  • Count on unique visitor who has arrived at the conference and also get to know about how the new guest found you without receiving any marketing campaigns.

Apart from the above few metrics there are various other features that event planner can gather upon to improve their event based on audience expectation. Perhaps you can understand how the public received your business and what steps you need to improve when executing the next event.

With a custom mobile event app tool, you can do all these analyses and keep on improving by seeing into attendee mind.  To create a customized mobile platform wherein you can view analytics, measure event performance, and build audiences contact us, we can help you with creation of Android, iOS mobile app platforms in quick turnaround time and aid you to increase event ROI.

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