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Interactive Features in Mobile Event Apps

Mar 30, 2017 by admin , No Comments

Interactive features in event app are playing a significant role in event management. The rise of engaging features such as interactive maps, live polling, chat and rating can help to drive more attendees to a mobile app and increase the ROI, event’s impact and life-cycle of your app.

Interactive maps

Advanced event apps have the ability to provide interactive maps and live directions. If your event is attracting attendees from another city or town, maps are exclusively important. The interactive map function enables attendees to engage with each booth or room to quickly determine details such as company names, schedules, bios and mark spaces as visited into customized lists for future reference. A smart event app also gives you the opportunity to recommend local hotels and restaurants, giving you the opportunity to build partnerships with services and vendors.

Live Polling

Make your sessions more interactive with live polling feature. Session and Key speaker surveys are a great tool for collecting attendee feedback on demographic information and improve future events reach. It helps attendees to share their ideas, opinions and stories, creating a collaborative and unforgettable experience. One-click access on all smartphones, you save money and engage your attendees, all while collecting powerful, actionable data. Live polling offers you a real-time responsive element on stage. You can ask questions and feel the pulse of your audience with event app.

Event Rating

A well-built event app provides your delegates the option to rate your event, a smart app lets them rate sessions, presentations and speakers as well. It not only does the rating function besides it remains as a tool to collect event impact data, it can also serve to show the actual value of your investment made on each individual speakers.


Chat features based on the professional profiles of your participants offers them a great benefit and a convenient way to come and keep in contact with professionals and peers. Not only during your event, but before and afterwards as well. Chat function enables your business networking and it also makes your event more active.

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