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Make your Events & Presentations More Interactive with Mobile App

Dec 29, 2016 by admin , No Comments

Mobile application plays a significant role across all aspects of an event. Mobile App increases the engagement during the presentations by encouraging live interaction and it also improves the overall event experience. This is the brand new way in which presentations have progressed in recent days, with this audience can interact in real time. Here are some exciting features of event app to make your sessions more interactive.

Share your presentation material in real time

With the event app, you can share your presentation slides in real time with participants. As soon as you display a new slide on screen, it’s displayed on the participants’ smartphones, computers or tablets.

Make your presentation interactive

Presenters can receive questions from the audience as well as ask questions without disrupting the flow of the presentation. They can also share content and encourage live chats during the sessions. This level of interactivity focuses attention and increases engagement.

Participants Share their notes live

With the Mobile app, participants can easily add notes to the presentation slides and highlight other information. They can add notes to the content and share their notes live with the entire audience. The speaker can use the suggestions made in real time. In this way, you can ask participants for their opinion on the presentation. They can give feedback in just a few clicks, enriching the discussion and facilitating the final decision making.

Event Apps also encourages further connectivity through social media, allowing discussions and interaction to extend and continue beyond the event. It can also increase interaction, providing a place to share videos and images and other content from the event. Want to make your event more interactive, with our Showtime event app, Contact us now.

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