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Metrics in Mobile Event App to Measure Event Success Rate

Sep 27, 2016 by admin , No Comments

Measuring the success of an event is one of the most challenging and important tasks; It helps you assess the ROI in the project, compare outcomes with those of other marketing activities and find out the areas for improvement when planning future events. Mobile Event Apps greatly support Event Organizers to measure the event’s success rate by providing valuable insights. There are many data points to consider, few significant among these include the following.

Key metrics in the Mobile Event Management App to measure the effectiveness and ROI of your Event

App Retention Rates

Retention rate is the percentage of visitors who return after their first visit. It is one of the most important event mobile app analytics metrics, so you need to constantly track and report on it regularly. This is a key metric that allows you to implement strategies down the line that are specific to the percentage of attendees returning to your event app. It also allows you to follow-up those who have not installed the app or for those who quit the app after installation.

Participation and Engagement:

Event app analytics can show you exactly how attendees participated in the various sessions and activities at your event. You can see how many attendees viewed meeting details in the app and how many checked in. You can also measure participation rates in discussion boards, surveys and polls.

Active Session length:

Session length metrics help you analyze that how long your attendees staying within your app. This is a great metric to measure how user engage with your app, but beware of very long, or very short, time sessions. Those might be either unintentionally opening the app or never signing out.

A good event app will have a massive and highly detailed record of every aspect of attendees’ behavior at your event built right in; It can assist you effectually analyze your event success. Contact us to get the best event app.

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