Metrics to measure the Success of Your Event’s Mobile App
Jul  2015

Metrics to measure the Success of Your Event’s Mobile App

Make Showtime Mobile Event App as a handy resource for the event participants. Mobile event app is primarily event specific and it provides great functionality for organizers to mobilize their events. To measure its success rate the most important metrics that every event organizer must evaluate is to measure the key parameters like number of downloads, return visits, user activity, ROI, New registrations, survey responses, review & ratings.

Measure Downloads

Compare the number of downloads with that of total event attendee, look for number of social media followers, unique attendee logins and your investment.

Return Visits

Make a note of visitors who revisits to find the new additions made, as well as to remain updated with the event happenings.

User Activity

To know about user activity Look for searches made, listing clicks, distinctive logins, attendee additions, custom-made planners and new requests received

Analyse ROI

Promote the mobile event app strategically and be certain to check click rates and downloads triggered by your promotions.

New registrations

Downloads can even be made by enthusiast who are curious to know about the event, so by providing a link to the registration site and easily track the conversion rate.

Reviews / Comments

Must frequently check the comments for our mobile event app at the app store and must evaluate those & take steps to improvise on significant aspects if any needed.

Survey responses

As soon as the event gets over get answers from attendees and based on feedback assess the effectiveness of the apps performance.

Insight reports received from the above metrics when evaluated will help every event organizer to know the apps ability to lead user complete the key objectives of the event, get details on which features need to be improvised and about updates that can be done to accommodate user preferences.

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