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Mobile App Solution for marketing your Event & Conference

Feb 28, 2017 by admin No Comments

As mobile internet usage thrives among event planners having a mobile event management app strategy in place is gaining traction for marketing Events & Conferences. Designing an attractive & user friendly mobile apps in specific helps event organizers to plan for events, manage the registrations, schedule the course of event and collect payments in an easy to use interface.

In addition to above, it will allow you to market your event easily by managing contacts, sending e-mails and providing attendees with a great networking experience. To increase good adoption, track all usage statistics, analyze the needs of your target audience and promote the event app accordingly and reach more right audience.

Mobile App Solution to market your Event & Conference

  • Send brief personalized messages directly to attendee’s phones from the event management software.
  • Create an explainer video and putting it on your website and your social channels for offering useful information
  • Push out keynote message to every attendee with maps, times, and locations to deliver an unforgettable experience
  • Optimizing mobile apps and making them rank high in the app store’s search results ensure that you are able to get more downloads
  • Have the right kind of ad on Social Media channels, at the right time and on the right channel (depending on your target customers).
  • Be mindful of what’s happening during the event and make use of it in the future for post-event sharing and beyond

Relationships is flat over digital and so event organizers must go digital to monetize. Mobile Event Apps gives attendees the means to market their events to as many people looking forward to it as possible. To make the event an extension of your printed event guide or discover how event apps can radically transform your marketing plan Contact Us.

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