Mobile Event apps for Trade show Revenue Generation
Oct   2015

Mobile Event apps for Trade show Revenue Generation

Trade shows are events consuming massive amount of time, money and manpower for planning. Event organizers have understood that engaging event attendees provides immense value for any event organizer. Creating organizer-friendly and user friendly event app will manage find the event info at your finger tips. To bring your tradeshow online, increase exhibitor visibility, maximize revenue generation and actionable insight read this blog.

Getting started with event apps not just makes event planning easier it helps you to make your event a success. It greatly benefits trade shows, associations /clubs or conferences and has proven to enhance coordination and improve attendee experience. Network is one of the top reasons people attend events, mobile event apps help build a community of likeminded people. With Showtime mobile event app tradeshow organizers can streamline operations for tradeshow, save substantial time; as well capture leads on the spot easily and quickly.

Showtime’s Features for Tradeshow Organizers & Exhibitors

  • Responsive design of the app lets you to access via any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Attracts more visitors to an exhibit, encourage them to interact with your brand
  • Makes trade show attendee to access interactive maps for trade show venue & exhibitor booths
  • Send push notifications to alert the exhibitors about new updates, reminders
  • Facility to network & share your opinions with other attendees through “comments” or “likes”
  • Conduct survey & get answers, so that you can then generate reports for analysis
  • Obtain attendee contact information, and then continue the relationship after the show.
  • Get on demand reports that summarize large sets of data in real-time

Whether you’re organizing a conference, corporate meeting, or tradeshow event our feature rich event app Showtime will enable tradeshow organizers to personalize & promote their brand with ease. With these Mobile event apps at your palm you can get good return on investment! For more details regarding this tradeshow event app contact us.

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