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New Methods to delight your Attendees and increase ROI

Dec 23, 2016 by admin , No Comments

Customer experience still remains a buzzword for many businesses as they consider it as a passing trend or they don’t know how to apply the concept and make the most out of it. Today the market is full of competition and to thrive its must that event organizers adopt event apps, an ideal platform to offer a memorable and delightful experience that can meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Getting ideas about planning for an Association, Organization, events is great only when event professionals look for new ways to implement them. For example, Event planners, of this age must think off introducing Event app that not only delight audience, but also generate valuable data which can get you the info you need to evaluate the result.

Mobile Event App features & Benefits

  • Monitor Event activities on a single click
  • Enhance Interaction through Social Networking
  • Keep Members /attendees informed on last minute changes
  • Watch event gallery for event happenings
  • Collect feedback on sessions, speakers, topics, and meetings overall.

Just having an app to make use of during your event will not bring any value instead proper promotion of the event app will trigger organic downloads essential to gain tangible ROI for your event. We need to make the mobile event app available at app stores as well promote the event app on emails as signature link, website, social handles, social campaigns etc to boost at-venue engagement.

By following these event app promotion strategies organizers can witness about 77% of attendee engagement, like last-minute changes updation, lead generation, attendee networking, marketing and much more you would prefer to get participants super motivated

Are you in need of a branded mobile event app for your upcoming event. We can help you to adopt this technology for details contact us.

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