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3 Stages in a Mobile Event App – Pre-event, During event & Post event

Oct 28, 2016 by admin , No Comments

Mobile Event App is one of the most important sources for attendee engagement before, during and after your event. It keeps attendees in the loop and connected to your event well before and after it takes place. Here’s how Mobile …

Role of Mobile Event apps at Trade Shows Events

Oct 12, 2016 by admin , No Comments

In today’s time, if you are about to organize a conference, corporate event, or an association event you need to take every step to make your event successful. If an event planners ultimate goal is to drive ROI and make …

Metrics in Mobile Event App to Measure Event Success Rate

Sep 27, 2016 by admin , No Comments

Measuring the success of an event is one of the most challenging and important tasks; It helps you assess the ROI in the project, compare outcomes with those of other marketing activities and find out the areas for improvement when …

Promote Corporate Events with Technology

Sep 19, 2016 by admin , No Comments

Many of us are just starting to explore the true potential tech offers, adoption of technology can will help us identify and address the vital linkage between People, Process and Technology. The benefits of adopting new technology are undeniable, even …

How to Improvise your Future Events with the Mobile App

Aug 30, 2016 by admin , No Comments

Event mobile apps are having a major impact on the businesses by making the event guests more central to proceedings and enhancing their event experience. A mobile event app is highly targeted and always-on channel that puts your message right …

Top 5 Reasons to use Mobile Event apps for Event planning

Aug 10, 2016 by admin , No Comments

In early 80s & 90s Spreadsheets were widely used by people in a variety of industries to compile and manage data. Times have changed and 21st century has brought in Event management applications that allow you to manage multiple events …

Effective Tactics to Increase Event App Download Rate & Usage

Jul 29, 2016 by admin , No Comments

Creating a mobile app for the event is just a part of the entire lifecycle of our start-up. Getting potential customers to download and make use of our app is the most difficult part. Here are few tactics that will …

Event apps to Market your Event in the Digital Age

Jul 5, 2016 by admin , No Comments

Marketing is significant for Event reach and being smart at marketing will ensure business success. Doing something different from others in the market is the difference between business success and business failure. Customer needs are always changing and it’s not …

How does post event follow-ups assist event organizers?

Jun 29, 2016 by admin , No Comments

In today’s highly competitive world, marketers need to grab hold of every opportunity to build relationships and earn reputation of prospective buyers. It can be achieved by allowing people to know more about your company’s product or service while participating …

Ways to make the most out of Attendee event participation

Jun 29, 2016 by admin , No Comments

  From events to tradeshows & business meetings, percentage of attendance of the participants is highly important to know the real value of the meeting. In general, to stand out and deliver clear value all you need to do is …

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