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How to promote Mobile apps and maximize app downloads

Jul 1, 2017 by admin , No Comments

In today’s time Apps are must to make the event reach virtually every smartphone user. Event apps are effective only if we are able to convert event attendees as app users. It can boost, at venue engagement and it has become essential for event organizers to increase productivity and gain deeper analytical insight. Today’s challenge is how we can encourage attendees to download and use the app.

In fact, by using the app you can add value for your attendees much before they arrive for the event, for example you can enquire on attendee’s interest to visit attractions near-by besides share blogs/videos of Speaker, book for their transport and accommodations etc. To maximize app downloads and see tangible ROI from your event all you need to do is to promote the app

  • Make sure it’s available in Google play & App store at least 2 weeks before your event
  • Highlight app availability in every email communication, especially in the signature
  • Provide the app information and QR codes on all signage and print materials like brochures/ leaflets
  • Posts with download link on website, social handles, partner sites, social campaigns
  • Provide user guide to help attendees install the app and explore its various features
  • Infographics detailing the app’s features can be posted on social media

If you want to transforms your meetings and events with mobile event apps then hyping the app is essential. For more details on how to leverage the power of event Mobile Apps you can log in to our Website and get info.

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