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Things to consider when building an Association Event App

Jul 24, 2017 by admin No Comments

Mobile technology has changed our life’s over the last few years. We could see people in every Industry saying “there’s an app for it”. In this fast-paced, ever-changing environment most associations are adopting event apps even for smaller meetings as they help achieve their key objectives. Duplicating the website in a mobile format is not the way, you need to consider the target audience needs. Ultimately you should think of ways to build the app in a Pleasing & user friendly way, to make it practical for evert attendee to download & network with the Association Members.

Following are the Things to consider before Building an Association Event App

Research & Select App Platform

Survey your members & analyze on their majority usage of the mobile platforms & then decide the platform for the app. Ensure to remove the pain areas of Association Event Organizers and ensure your app is as simple and intuitive as possible to keep the members engaged.

Keep it Informative

As the screens of mobile devices are small make the app content informative concise and to the point. Consider to include what’s more significant to association members, invest time and efforts in planning its smallest features.

Keep the file size small

As mobile devices have less storage space, keep the file size small to cut down the amount of data your application consumes. Do optimize everything to speed-up and make use of it in the best possible manner.

Make it Known

Use screenshots & promote it wherever appropriate on social media, Place a small link prominently on the website, Have it reviewed on app review sites and make use of variety of tactics to build your audience.
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