Tips to engage audience at the event
Jan  2015

Tips to engage audience at the event

We live in a fast forward world, everything happens quickly and people doesn’t have time to turn around. Only creativity and innovation can make people engage. Event management is a task that wants both the qualities in one.

People nowadays want something new, something interesting in almost everything and everywhere. While organizing an event, we have to look upon many factors. How to increase audience? How to engage the audience BEFORE and AFTER the event? How to build up the hype for the event like venue, Topics, Speakers and events? With the technological improvement, the criteria to manage a successful event have been increased.

Here are some tips to keep our audience engaged with the event.

  • Reach out to the audience : Social Media has become an integral part of event management now. We should emphasis our presence in social media networks like facebook, twitter etc. Get in touch with the audience through those platforms by starting debates, polls, discuss, share thoughts and let them share thoughts through the medium.
  • Create a connect with the audience : Let them to connect to the event personally. Let them to give inputs, suggestions or give them a task, let them do something that can contribute to the event and also let them know that it has been valuable to you. This creates a bond between them and the event and makes them to get involved more and more into the event
  • Acknowledge the audience : Let them know you are listening to them. Respond to each and every query, doubts, suggestions, and ideas they provide. Let them be the masters of the event. Listen to their ideas about speakers, topics because they are the ones who are at the receiving end and they know well about what they want.
  • Make use of social platforms : In this tech world, social media are boon to people like us who are involved in event management. Keep the audience active in social media sites. Open up pages about the event and post / tweet about the events. Don’t be too vague, it may make audience bored. Keep little fun. Come up with some ideas like polls, voting, feedback etc and make them participate.
  • Set remainder about the event : People may forget about the event so keep them alarmed. But don’t send the invitations repeatedly it may annoy them. Give something that is useful but also reminds them like photos, news about speakers, countdown etc.,

Basically, engaging the audience is the key factor. It can easily be achieved by a little out of the box thinking and communication.

But don’t forget, we shouldn’t stop interacting with them once the event is over. Use all the platforms we used to reach out to them before the event even after the event is over. If we don’t, then we are about to lose a hand full of audience who are eager to follow us over the next few years and events, as we have to rebuild them again the next time.

The greatest challenge in organizing the event is not just to increase the numbers of attendees but interacting with them actively with the use of the options before us. Engagement is the key weapon. Use the weapon wisely.

As a case study a global organization TiE has used ShowTime to launch their mobile app.

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