Tips to engage  Event attendees during and after an Event
May  2015

Tips to engage Event attendees during and after an Event

Adoption to any new technology will be commonly mapped with youngsters but the same is not while we discuss about adoption of Smartphones and apps. Considering the fact that adopting mobile app technology for events will increase business opportunities nowadays event organizers choose a platform that scales effortlessly to deliver a personalized, highly engaging experience. Following are Tips for Engaging Event attendees during and after an Event.

  • Allow attendees to stay connected with each other
  • Look for best ways to better satisfy the needs of attendees.
  • Social Media Sharing will highlights different session and activities that your audience
  • Enable attendee to see the programme schedule and bookmark specific sessions
  • Send push notifications to attendees mobile device to keep them engaged
  • Engage attendees during an event using rating and Q&A platform

Success of any event is measured by means of attendee experience. Even though an event has been well planned and executed to the finest detail if the event attendees don’t feel satisfied it’s all gone. Bestway to engage and interact with event attendees throughout the event is to allow them to remain connected throughout the event and also facilitating them to network with fellow participants even after the event.

We’re happy to introduce our Showtime mobile app which has innovative features like live Q&A, polling, instant messaging and social media platforms to transform your events from just a happening into a dynamic platform to collect instant feedback. To drive maximum event engagement and to facilitate organizer / sponsors make the most in a cost-effective way Contact us.

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