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Top 5 Reasons to use Mobile Event apps for Event planning

Aug 10, 2016 by admin , No Comments

In early 80s & 90s Spreadsheets were widely used by people in a variety of industries to compile and manage data. Times have changed and 21st century has brought in Event management applications that allow you to manage multiple events efficiently. Earlier it was difficult to send several hundreds of emails a day, and especially when an information change has to be notified. But with mobile event app technology in place you can standardize your event planning, engage & delight your attendees, provide a more personalized & interactive experience for attendees and remain competitive.

Having a Mobile Event Management Application is so much easier to find, change and modify any information without confusion or errors. Traditional methods took tremendous amount of time as data used to overlap from various sources and errors took time for sorting. By transforming your ways of organizing an event via event app you can reduce your carbon footprint and connect with like-minded people via social media, collect lead information. collect on-demand reports and generate ROI.

Top 5 reasons to use Mobile apps

  • Effortlessly setup and manage your event schedule, build agendas, create surveys and upload floor plans
  • Easily manage your speakers, sessions seamlessly & smartly, deal with the online registrants, the last-minute changes
  • Proactively avoid discrepancies and set up your event in few minutes using drag & drop scheduling methods.
  • Enjoy success by managing attendee contact details, RSVPs reusing the workflows, settings, and established framework.
  • Get insights from instant survey, polling & QA that drive more value for event improvement and continued success

To revolutionize event engagement and drive more value use mobile event apps and make an excellent first impression. For details contact us.

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