Ways to Create Effective Meetings with Mobile apps
Apr  2016

Ways to Create Effective Meetings with Mobile apps

Have you heard people saying “That meeting wasted my time”? Have you analyzed how often your attendees asserted this statement? Usually this may be because, event organizers have not taken enough time to plan / forecast what technologies are to be applied in the events industry to make them effective.

Here we have discussed about mobile apps, the newest communications channels which event organizers have to adopt when they start planning out their event. Custom event apps give organizers the opportunity to make sure the meetings are productive by not allowing them to leave paper surveys on chairs without filling. It lets attendees to collaborate more than ever before and adds value to the result.

Publicize the Agenda

By circulating the agenda ahead of the meeting organizer can give time for attendees to come prepared for discussion on improvements, churn out ideas which they feel could help the company meet its goals.

Increase Attendee Engagement

As meetings require a lot of team interaction Mobile apps are the best as it allows improve the overall experience for attendees by providing them fun & engagement through Q&A sessions interactive networking opportunities

Collect Real-time feedback

Gathering real-time feedback from attendees through poll survey to evaluate how well the meeting objective is met and see how participants of the meeting are feeling in real-time.

Provide Push Notifications

Event organizers can provide updates and reminders to attendees through instant push notifications so as to grab their attention and make them notify any recent update.

It has become very apparent that mobile event apps are must in today’s time to get the most out of events / meetings. Curious to know how Showtime event app can add improve efficiency of your next Event. Contact us.

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