Why Associations decide to go for mobile Apps
Feb  2016

Why Associations decide to go for mobile Apps

A recent research states that members engaged on a mobile device are more active in their organization than their non-mobile connected counterparts. To have a bigger Impact, Associations are looking for ways to build an easy-to-use Association mobile event app that association members will adopt and use readily. Today, every association has realized apps as valuable channel for sharing anything from event content to association news.

Creating apps for name sake is not a good use of time or resources, instead strategically Determine what your audience want and create mobile app to drive members to download and use the app. It’s important to think about providing engaging content that persuade members to share and use. To keep them satisfied beyond the initial app installation conduct extensive research and keep your members engaged.

We can provide user friendly mobile app branded to your association’s logo and colors, and filled with the features you need for long term member engagement. We put our self in association members’ shoes and repeatedly test to provide ones that best fit their needs.

Key features

  • Member info Directory
  • Event Calendar to access all events & meetings
  • RSVP to ensure member participation
  • Alert notification on any updates
  • Receive feedback for insight

Few essential activities include connecting with friends or colleagues, posting to discussions and reading the latest news updates. We outsource mobile app development services for both the apple and Android markets. If you have a specific mobile app/custom feature that you are interested in, let us know.

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