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Promote Corporate Events with Technology

Many of us are just starting to explore the true potential tech offers, adoption of technology can will help us identify and address the vital linkage between People, Process and Technology. The benefits of adopting new technology are undeniable, even then we see that not everyone will immediately adopt a new idea although it has obvious benefits. Adopting Mobile Event Apps for event management have entirely changed organizations’ perspective and have increased return on Investment.

These days, Mobile usage is huge and nearly 90% of the activity is done on mobile devices than with Computers, so to keep pace with trends event organizers should think of leveraging the power of mobile to create a linkage between attendees and the event, ultimately leading to award-winning event experiences as well greater brand loyalty. The Event Management Applications created will let event planners to be environmental friendly by cutting down on the cost of paper

Ways to promote Corporate Events with Mobile Event Apps

  • Send real-time updates instantly
  • Quickly Share event comments/ photos
  • Remind attendees on sessions
  • Place signage to download
  • Get your speakers & exhibitors onboard
  • Spread the word out through social media network

As mobile apps form the central hub for all event critical information, encourage attendees to download and use the app. Turning your event in the mobile direction for internal corporate meetings, conferences and seminars gives event attendees the interactive experiences.

Besides all as an Event organizer you can generate data significant to make the improvements / betterment for future events. Dynamic Features of the Event mobile app creates a branded experience before after and during the event..

Today we see many companies channeling this path to advertise their corporate Events, conferences, Seminars and Trade-fairs / Exhibitions. Ready to create your own event app? Then feel free to contact us.

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