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mobile event app

All in one Mobile Event App to plan for a Successful Event

To make an event successful event professionals must focus on plenty of most basic tasks.  Foremost thing they need to do is building a mobile event app, by doing so they can do manage the complete cycle of Event. This event management app will simplify the work, help you to keep all information up-to-date, assign surveys to get attendee feedback and make data-driven decisions. Our Mobile Event app technology will help you define your KPIs and measure your event success.

In general, to successfully run any event, you need to keep your event attendee organized, focus on the big picture at the same time track of all the little details. Few Mobile event app features that maximize ROI include the following

  • Do customization of brand colors right from start
  • Manage multiple events, speakers, attendees without any stress
  • Easily identify scheduling conflicts if any
  • Be always connected with everyone by using push notifications
  • Self-service features let’s speakers manage their bio, attendees to block their calendar schedule

If you plan to drive better engagement and achieve attendee satisfaction at your events make use of engagement tools like live polling, along with Q&A features, mobile surveys etc. See to that even a non-technical administrator can manage the event without difficulty. Focus on networking with their peers during event by using the in-app chat option.  Promote offers, send new-highlights, collect user feedback that creates great value. Do comprehensive analysis from every facet of the event planning process to make informed decisions.

Try to keep the attendees busy and interacting by including certain custom features along with existing features. With event app decrease attendee stress and spent time on checking gaining insights to improve ROI. To free up your time & increase the scope of your event contact us.

Event Management Mobile app

Event Management Mobile app helps building networking into your Next Event

Networking is absolutely key for event Industry clients. Mobile Technology is playing a significant role in in the events industry and now it’s essential for event planners to excel. By adopting a mobile event management app event organizer could empower their attendees to network during all stages of the event. Especially, B2B events are about making useful connections, so fuel the success of your future event by networking through event management mobile app.

Mobile app lets event organizer to easily plan meet-ups by creating groups of contacts, keep in touch with all the connections you have made by forging beneficial relationships. Further, this app helps you to meet people with similar interest, build business relationship and nurture the leads for conversion. It allows you to reach out to vast audience and obtain feedback on how the event went.

By integrating an event management mobile app event planner can just go beyond.  Attendee directory, speaker profiles, private messaging, public discussion forums present in the Mobile event app will enable attendees to make the most out of it. You could save time by eliminating paper invitations, or hard copies as everything can be mailed virtually. Event schedules, push notifications can be sent beforehand to makes any event interactive and engaging.

An event management mobile app boasts of several features to interact with dozens or hundreds of people & network on social channels and build network into the next event. This will be a great way for you to create a special hashtag for any particular event. To build an event  networking mobile app that can make all the difference contact us. We can provide you a productive environment to grow your business and create value for all users.

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