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Effective Ways to use Social Media Platform to engage attendees

To actively market the event, ensure to utilize the most appropriate social media network. Thinks you do before the event decides the turnout, so plan to incorporate more than one social media platform for event marketing.

Before Event

Face book is a best social media tool to increase awareness of the meeting, conference, tradeshow, conference. In fact, it’s used by many event planners as they can easily convey it directly as message or through post. Facebook users can share the event info with their connections and thereby get it made known to all people in their circle.

During the Event

Once the event commenced, most event attendees may be away from the computer and so twitter network which is mostly accessed via Mobile device will be the most favored one to get tweets. To make your attendees active use twitter walls and enable it to be displayed in display monitors placed at strategically suitable places. Encourage them to submit tweets and make your event hashtag to trend online for easy discovery & potential reach.

As people are increasingly taking selfie photos during the event Meeting, Event organisers believe Instagram as another best social media platform favoured by attendees when an event is in progress.

After the event

To make attendees use social media right even after an event make use of Facebook or LinkedIn networking platforms in addition to twitter & Instagram. Here you could thank them for attending this year’s gathering, more over share event photos. Further in social media you must spend few times on sharing and talking about content published by others, for ex. you can like or comment on their photo and direct them to your event website by placing a link in the comment.

Social media marketing is all about generating reach and driving qualified traffic to your event website. Studies have proven that social media has a higher lead-to-close rate than that of other outbound marketing. For details Contact us.

Tips to Increase Event App Downloads

Event planning may seem stressful, but by utilizing technology you can keep things organized and aim to reach potential attendees. Mobile event apps offer significant value for both event hosting organizations and attendees, generating downloads and motivating usage is the greatest challenge, even with mobile-savvy participants. The ultimate goal of any event organizer would be to help exhibitors & attendees get the most out of each face to face event.

Actually by having these Mobile app for events you can help your attendees easily manage the event schedule , increase networking opportunities, instantly connect with the event using audience response and enable them share takeaways with others, navigate their way around the event right from their smart phones.

Tips to increase Event App downloads

Before the event,

  • Don’t forget to make your app part of initial communication, make your attendees feel it like an essential piece of the experience.
  • Publicize it on social media platforms and integrate provision to download from registration page.

During the event

  • Don’t stop to promote your app download, ensure to catch those missed attendees by Promoting download link on everything-email or SMS communications, registration signage, posters, flyers, push alerts etc
  • Consider to integrating direct paths to download like scan able QR codes or step-by-step instructions that assist attendees to quickly and easily find your app on the App Store or Google Play
  • Know anything that provide value to the event experience will help increase downloads so offer compelling reasons

After Event

Says thanks and include the benefits of your app, audience engaged post-event ensures you have a solid foundation for promoting future events or even, inviting attendees back for next year

Planning for an event is always easier with an enthusiastic team at your back, but before your next event, Plan to adopt Showtime Mobile event app & gives users rich experience.

Going Mobile Improves Event Management Process

Today everyone is mobile savvy and even businesses that relied on paper forms and manual processes are making move to mobile apps. Youth of today rely on these mobile apps for everything and at present it’s an essential element in everyone’s life. With the increase in number of events like seminars, tradeshows, conferences, event organizing companies are updating their systems and processes with the latest technology to match to handle the entire event life-cycle.

No doubt, by integrating mobility into event you can improve your event management process, deliver your clients expectations as well gain ROI. With mobile apps event organizers will remain more targeted and the information they collect will be more in demand. Adopt this app platform to deliver an unforgettable mobile event app experience.

Mobile event app drives engagement and offers a great custom branded solution to planners, exhibitors and sponsors. It allows event organizer’s to manage their event even when they are not at their desk. Going Mobile is easier and it will also ensure you that all the features and functionality can be accessed through Apple and Android devices. It makes attendees to explore all the possibilities of mobile technology and get involved before, after & takes them to the next level.

Key features

  • Ease your event administration tasks
  • Event app is a reliable source to get latest event information and updates
  • It shares everything like venue map , speaker profile, organizers and sponsors to attendees
  • Allows attendees to poll what they expect out of the event
  • Discuss sensitive issues in real time
  • Provide outstanding service for attendees

The need for mobile application development for every event is evolving and this is far more efficient than before. Certainly events of the future will reach new heights in attendee participation and engagement. Wondering how a mobile does all these, contact us to know more.

Maximize event success with Mobile app

Are you thinking to communicate your brand in every way of your event? In that case create a mobile app and provide digital environment for your members and attendees to engage with your brand.

Mobile app can be a go-to guide for your event; making attendees happy and contributing to your event’s success. Make the event completely mobile accessible from almost any device. Ensure attendees are getting the information they need quickly through the app. Most event planners today see mobile apps as an essential tool to their success.

Event marketing is a great approach to have a successful event, improve the paper version of the event and give a great experience to event attendees. To be successful create native apps for iOS and Android devices and increase attendee engagement with live instant results with polls, or detailed reports with surveys.

Deliver Attendee Expectations

  • Develop a clean, neat and orderly interface event app and put your event in attendees’ pockets.
  • Provide powerful networking features which enable messaging & community building
  • Increase interactivity by engaging attendees with live polling, Q&A and surveys
  • Include interactive maps that enable Fast access to event locations
  • Analyse event attendee/member behavior and get insights necessary to improves
  • Provide up-to-date information on Event speakers and attendees
  • Collect instant feedback on the quality of the sessions & speakers

By creating a mobile app deliver smoother experience for every attendee and achieve event objectives.
Besides knowledge about customer’s need and the latest industry trends to stay on track develop feature rich mobile event management app which creates a more connected and engaging experience.

Get at the forefront of your competition by marketing your mobile event apps properly. For further details about mobile event app development contact us.

Excellent Ways to make your events Memorable

Event organizers believe mobile event apps are ideal for today’s mobile audience and invest in innovative mobile apps for conferences, meetings, conventions, trade shows, and events. It increases visibility, streamlines processes and gives users rich experience thereby makes the meeting memorable for attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and events team.

When organizing an event with Showtime event management mobile app you minimize the stress involved keep everything planned and also execute all the details to perfection. Custom features in the mobile app provide unparalleled opportunity for audience engagement and helps them get a great networking experience. By building polling questions into your sessions, developing a discussion board, enabling attendee-to-attendee messaging you can maximize the in-person experience.

Besides the above, you can also increase the memory of the event by following these steps

  • Automated email communications
  • Building pre & post event surveys
  • Creating more targeted sessions
  • Organizing In-session polls
  • Allowing network connections
  • Photo Sharing to share visual memories
  • Get custom updates and notification messages

Showtime Mobile app enables target audience to share their experiences and also facilitates organizers to get better insights that aid in decision-making. The analytics data we receive from attendee’s response assists us to improve our ROI. To take advantage of memorable meetings and easily measure impact of the event and event satisfaction data contact Showtime.

Tips to engage audience at the event

We live in a fast forward world, everything happens quickly and people doesn’t have time to turn around. Only creativity and innovation can make people engage. Event management is a task that wants both the qualities in one.

People nowadays want something new, something interesting in almost everything and everywhere. While organizing an event, we have to look upon many factors. How to increase audience? How to engage the audience BEFORE and AFTER the event? How to build up the hype for the event like venue, Topics, Speakers and events? With the technological improvement, the criteria to manage a successful event have been increased.

Here are some tips to keep our audience engaged with the event.

  • Reach out to the audience : Social Media has become an integral part of event management now. We should emphasis our presence in social media networks like facebook, twitter etc. Get in touch with the audience through those platforms by starting debates, polls, discuss, share thoughts and let them share thoughts through the medium.
  • Create a connect with the audience : Let them to connect to the event personally. Let them to give inputs, suggestions or give them a task, let them do something that can contribute to the event and also let them know that it has been valuable to you. This creates a bond between them and the event and makes them to get involved more and more into the event
  • Acknowledge the audience : Let them know you are listening to them. Respond to each and every query, doubts, suggestions, and ideas they provide. Let them be the masters of the event. Listen to their ideas about speakers, topics because they are the ones who are at the receiving end and they know well about what they want.
  • Make use of social platforms : In this tech world, social media are boon to people like us who are involved in event management. Keep the audience active in social media sites. Open up pages about the event and post / tweet about the events. Don’t be too vague, it may make audience bored. Keep little fun. Come up with some ideas like polls, voting, feedback etc and make them participate.
  • Set remainder about the event : People may forget about the event so keep them alarmed. But don’t send the invitations repeatedly it may annoy them. Give something that is useful but also reminds them like photos, news about speakers, countdown etc.,

Basically, engaging the audience is the key factor. It can easily be achieved by a little out of the box thinking and communication.

But don’t forget, we shouldn’t stop interacting with them once the event is over. Use all the platforms we used to reach out to them before the event even after the event is over. If we don’t, then we are about to lose a hand full of audience who are eager to follow us over the next few years and events, as we have to rebuild them again the next time.

The greatest challenge in organizing the event is not just to increase the numbers of attendees but interacting with them actively with the use of the options before us. Engagement is the key weapon. Use the weapon wisely.

As a case study a global organization TiE has used ShowTime to launch their mobile app.

Enhancing Event Management using Mobile App & Web Technologies

Event Management as an industry is constantly evolving. This is one of those industries that keeps on changing and new trends tend to come each and every day. It is important for us to keep up with the changing trend; else we are out of business.

In recent days, every field has taken the technological route, internet, apps, social media plays a great role in success of an event, business or almost everything. This article provides a quick view of the present changes in event management.

  • Social Media :   Social Media has become an integral part of event management now. We should emphasis our presence in social media networks like facebook, twitter etc. Get in touch with the audience through those platforms by starting debates, polls, discuss, share thoughts and let them share thoughts through the medium.
  • Mobile Apps :  The rise of smart phone, tablets usage implies that apps are very effective mode of communicating with audiences. Apps are not just an optional addition to the promotions but they are mandatory. Apps can help audience to get all the information at their finger tips and also helps us, the organizers develop more stable relationship with the audience.
    Sites for events : Try to make exclusive sites for the events and let people know them. It is not compulsory that the site needs to be a big one, even a page or three page sites that is creative and unique will do.
  • Unconventional Venues (except for business events) : Audiences are getting bored with the same old conference halls. Plan events at unconventional venues like parks, malls etc, it gives a fresh look and also make the audience more active and engaged. Think out of the box, think of the event and create a theme out of it, abide by it and explore each and every possibility to make it interesting.

Be creative, keep the audience engaged, and make it easier for them. Yes, it’s been our mantra always. But nowadays the world has shrunken with the help of technology, everything spreads faster and it’s compulsory that we keep up with the evolution.

In another perspective, it is easier to reach people today; they are just a touch or click away. With lots of options around us, there are a lot of doors that are left unopened by us. All we need to do is just find the keys and open the doors.

Stay tuned to our blog to know more about Event Apps.

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