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How to promote Mobile apps and maximize app downloads

In today’s time Apps are must to make the event reach virtually every smartphone user. Event apps are effective only if we are able to convert event attendees as app users. It can boost, at venue engagement and it has become essential for event organizers to increase productivity and gain deeper analytical insight. Today’s challenge is how we can encourage attendees to download and use the app.

In fact, by using the app you can add value for your attendees much before they arrive for the event, for example you can enquire on attendee’s interest to visit attractions near-by besides share blogs/videos of Speaker, book for their transport and accommodations etc. To maximize app downloads and see tangible ROI from your event all you need to do is to promote the app

  • Make sure it’s available in Google play & App store at least 2 weeks before your event
  • Highlight app availability in every email communication, especially in the signature
  • Provide the app information and QR codes on all signage and print materials like brochures/ leaflets
  • Posts with download link on website, social handles, partner sites, social campaigns
  • Provide user guide to help attendees install the app and explore its various features
  • Infographics detailing the app’s features can be posted on social media

If you want to transforms your meetings and events with mobile event apps then hyping the app is essential. For more details on how to leverage the power of event Mobile Apps you can log in to our Website and get info.

Tips to increase Event App Adoption Rate

In Recent days we could see Mobile apps playing a significant role in conducting Business. Creating an App for your event is one of the best ways to enhance the user experience and reduce the paper consumption. Today, Mobile event app is fueling business growth by gathering insights on attendee experience. Having a good promotion strategy in place will aid get a very high app adoption rate.
Below are some strategies to increase the App Adoption rate.

Promote app early

Promote the app in the beginning stages and share its significance with attendees /prospects at the earliest. Don’t postpone the promotion until the last minute.

Videos are worth a thousand more

Video is a fantastic way to make message literally come alive, so creating video tutorials on how to use the app and its features can help reach more prospects and convert them to an attendee. Incorporate the video on the website and share it with followers through social media.

Leverage Social Networking

Nowadays people are more connected through social networks, so we need to develop an app with social networking capabilities that can help them to interact with others without leaving the apps.

Use Beta Testers

Choose the attendees or prospects and contact them as possible beta-testers for the app; It will allow them to provide useful feedback/suggestion. It also provides a feeling of importance for the users, who are likely to mention it to other attendees.
Promote During the Event

During the event, frequently, remind the audience that the app is available and encourage them to download it and QR codes should also appear on printed materials. Stalls should be available throughout the area for app support and supporting staff should be available if attendees need help understanding the functionality or troubleshooting. It makes them feel worthy of their investment in time and money.

If you follow all these strategies, surely your event app will be widely used and your attendees will enjoy the experience. Contact us to develop the feature-rich mobile event app that helps create brand awareness and gain reputation for your business event among global audience.

Enhancing Event Management using Mobile App & Web Technologies

Event Management as an industry is constantly evolving. This is one of those industries that keeps on changing and new trends tend to come each and every day. It is important for us to keep up with the changing trend; else we are out of business.

In recent days, every field has taken the technological route, internet, apps, social media plays a great role in success of an event, business or almost everything. This article provides a quick view of the present changes in event management.

  • Social Media :   Social Media has become an integral part of event management now. We should emphasis our presence in social media networks like facebook, twitter etc. Get in touch with the audience through those platforms by starting debates, polls, discuss, share thoughts and let them share thoughts through the medium.
  • Mobile Apps :  The rise of smart phone, tablets usage implies that apps are very effective mode of communicating with audiences. Apps are not just an optional addition to the promotions but they are mandatory. Apps can help audience to get all the information at their finger tips and also helps us, the organizers develop more stable relationship with the audience.
    Sites for events : Try to make exclusive sites for the events and let people know them. It is not compulsory that the site needs to be a big one, even a page or three page sites that is creative and unique will do.
  • Unconventional Venues (except for business events) : Audiences are getting bored with the same old conference halls. Plan events at unconventional venues like parks, malls etc, it gives a fresh look and also make the audience more active and engaged. Think out of the box, think of the event and create a theme out of it, abide by it and explore each and every possibility to make it interesting.

Be creative, keep the audience engaged, and make it easier for them. Yes, it’s been our mantra always. But nowadays the world has shrunken with the help of technology, everything spreads faster and it’s compulsory that we keep up with the evolution.

In another perspective, it is easier to reach people today; they are just a touch or click away. With lots of options around us, there are a lot of doors that are left unopened by us. All we need to do is just find the keys and open the doors.

Stay tuned to our blog to know more about Event Apps.

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