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Association Event App


A leading IT solutions provider aiming to keep their Association Event Application updated with latest features & technology to be on top of the market.


To keep pace with market demand client needs to enhance their association event app product and making it one of the top event management app in the market. For this, they preferred the user experience of activity feed to be enhanced.

What We did

In Showtime's association event app there is activity feed feature, private Facebook like feed. Here the member user can post the feed, comment on others feed, call out friends, comment on others feed, do search using Hashtag & much more. We made the following design changes to activity module & made user experience great.

  • The UX of activity feed is enhanced to drive engagement
  • Single post with multiple image will be displayed like a gallery
  • For every post, progress indicator is displayed to say when the process will finish
  • Time remaining communication relax user mind and avoid processing time frustration

Technology Platform

Android & iOS


  • Build Brand Repute
  • Make a great user experience
  • Emphasize user Engagement
  • Invoke excitement among the users

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