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Event Management Mobile Apps for Association Events
Oct 2015

Event Management Mobile Apps for Association Events


Client is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry led and industry managed organization playing a proactive role in India’s development process.


Client requirement was a Event management mobile application that aids to keep in track all the meetings and gatherings that shall be conducted within or across the chapters.

What we did

  • We developed a mobile app which ensures all the users (Association member) are in contact with all the chapters.
  • The user member of the organization can view the scheduled meeting and speaker details and gets the notification based on the Upcoming happenings within the respective chapters.
  • The users will be prompted to set their default chapter during the first time app launch and later on they will be allowed to switch between chapters from the settings menu and view other chapter details as well.
  • The Office bearers can view the MOM (Minutes of meeting) which is held recently and the list consists of history of MOM so the members can make use of it in future.
  • The non registered members can view only certain features from the mobile app while Members shall get info on the event details, Meetings, News Letters, MOM, birthday & anniversary reminders ,Gallery and have provisions to provide suggestions.
  • To provide a better experience for the members, the app has venue maps to locate meeting venues, social media integration to connect and latest announcement to keep the members up to date on the activities.

Technology Platform

Android, iPhone


  • Efficiently manage multiple events
  • Assures every member of the association is covered
  • Dedicated team looks after all the events.
  • Enables Adherence to a service level standard, synchronized calendar and communications protocol.
  • Get up-to-date notifications about the events
  • Easy access to the member details
  • Easy access to the meeting Agenda
  • Offline services to fetch the information about the happenings
  • Share your Feedback Ratings for review

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