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Mobile Event app developed to Engage Association Members
Jun 2016

Mobile Event app developed to Engage Association Members


Client belongs to an Association with interests to bring Socio Economic change. They Encourage debate in disciplines of political science, education, business, culture, art, science and social sciences fields among experts.

They preferred to Share Chennai’s rich history, culture and showcase the achievements of our truly world-class talent and bringing global thought leaders to address Chennai.


They preferred to create a Mobile app for the Chennai citizens to exchange information and ideas in the disciplines of political science, education, business, culture, art, science and social sciences. They aspired to make avenue for achievers of today, yesterday and tomorrow to meet, interact, debate and discuss, share transformative ideas, Foster cross-cultural conversation & collaboration, Showcase role models for the youth and unleash their power to create a positive socio-economic change.

What we did

ShowTime is a powerful event management app platform that helps Associations to create exclusive mobile apps for their global and regional events. The feature-rich, native app allows association members to

  •  Monitor association activities with easy access
  • Get News Letters, MOM, birthday & anniversary reminders, Watch event Gallery etc.,
  •  Enhance interaction by Connecting via social media platforms
  • Send Push notifications to keep the members up to date on the activities.

It has been skillfully designed to engage the Members & enhance experience of Associations, speakers and Board members. No doubt, the app will be a perfect companion for all Association Members. In addition to the above features Member Registration will happen offline and the details can be imported into the showtime mobile app’s directory. Reminders will be sent to mobile app users before subscription end date, to ensure premium payment and uninterrupted access to mobile app. Remainders will repeat every week till member payment is done. If a new member joins payment reminder will be sent to him in a week. Reminders start again on the same time next year.

Technology Platform

Android, IPhone


  • Get info about the event happenings, trending topics, event photographs
  • Develop business network, socialize and have fun.
  • Collecting yearly membership fees payments
  • Sending remainders until they pay can be sent
  • Interactive maps to get direction for Event Venue
  • Send instant queries to the speakers
  • Share their personal and professional issues
  • Post “Ratings” on favorite speakers & awesome event sessions

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