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Mobile Event App developed for a reputed Computer Organization
Apr 2016

Mobile Event App developed for a reputed Computer Organization


Client has a computer organization with 72 chapters, 511 student branches and 100,000 members.


They organize IT related lectures, seminars, conferences, conventions and courses. To accomplish these tasks and make their member feel the ease of use client needs to develop a mobile app.

What we did

We created an event management mobile app to enable client simplify meeting planning and promote their events with ease. Its objective is to enable user members have access to the organization events. With Show time event app they can announce the event news as they happen in real time, drive efficiency and deliver amazing attendee experience. Client can now provide outstanding service by providing direction to the venue, conference hall and effortlessly manage member registration, their past, present and future meeting data etc to keep the attendees on the track.

Organisation members can get the event schedule, speaker details etc at their finger tips. They can, even bookmark their favorite speakers and sessions for quick reference, Integrate with social media & stay connected, get spontaneous answer for queries, share their feedback ratings for review

Technology Platform

Android, iPhone


  • Event app opens the door for “event discovery” features
  • Attendees will get personalized suggestions based on interests
  • Search through hectic multi-day/multi-track event schedules with keyword searches
  • Do customize personal schedules by letting them add sessions they wish to attend.
  • Tool that helps them socialize, create new connections
  • Attendees need not download a new app for every event they attend

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