Association Mobile App Features
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Showtime’s Association Mobile app will help associations to create & run association activities with enhanced interaction & member engagement. With this feature-rich native association mobile app you can develop network connections to better communicate, collaborate from one centralized platform before and during your event. This association mobile app will serve as a complete guide to the members of the Associations

Meetings & Events Meetings & Events

Allows web admin user to create list of upcoming meetings / events info (Board meeting, National / Regional event, Learning event), with date & time, venue, route map, agenda, speaker profile etc. MOM & write ups can be uploaded & privilege to access can be assigned.

Activity Feed Activity Feed

Post text messages with relevant photos, update any specific happening at the event, share updates about event / sessions to the attendees. On liking a post associated user will be notified on it. By using @symbol you can send message to a particular member, # tag followed by keyword can equip you find specific user conversation.

Market Place Market Place

Allows members of the association to network and learn from other successful business members on their business best practices, tactics and achievements. Advertise on sell & buy information, gain referrals for business deals and requirements among members and make use of it as market place for business development.

Member Directory Member Directory

All member profile was listed with contact number, company Name, qualification, classification, mail ID, messaging etc. By using this hub, we can search for any of the member detail like DOB, Anniversary date, role, focus area, classification, membership start & end date details.

Birthdays & Anniversaries Birthdays & Anniversaries

Member’s birthdays & anniversaries allows the community members to easily know the celebrations of the day.

Member Connect Member Connect

Network with other attendee members and engage like never before during and after an event. One can get to know one’s individual interest & have a private chat to know their interest to attend a particular meeting scheduled

Gallery Gallery

For engaging & treasuring the memorable moments app has provision to upload photos / videos taken. Admin can upload Images and videos of the events. Members can download them & recollect the memories and delightful experience they had during the event.

Subscription Subscription

Member’s yearly membership subscription payment can be enabled online. Reminders can be set & alerts on payment due can be sent to the individual.

Association Mobile App Feedback & RSVP

Get feedback on the conference, seminar, learning event, Regional or national event meeting organised. Feedback management is done by collecting them, reviewing for insights & decision making. This helps focus and improve member engagement as importance its meant to serve the purpose. RSVP responses by the member attendee ensures his interest to attend the meeting, based on this alerts & push notifications or reminders will be sent.

Association Mobile App News & Newsletter

News about the association, newsletter can be created & shared by the admin and made view-able to the respective members. The users can comment on the articles posted under the newsletters / blog. The comments will be tracked in the admin side.

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