Advantage of Showtime Mobile App’s RSVP feature Bookmark and Share

May - 08 - 2017

Evolution of mobile technologies has come a long way and now it is widely accepted by everyone in the event Industry. Corporate event management agency that adopts mobile app has hugely benefitted as they could create buzz as well drive engagement even before the event.

With this Showtime mobile app event organizer can create and run exclusive global and regional events, empower audience to expand their network before, during and after an event. Showtime’s event calendar feature lets admin to make members attentive on the upcoming events.

  • Bring all event schedule to life
  • Spend less time for managing event schedule
  • Inform audience about upcoming event
  • Invite people to the events you create
  • Members can provide their response as "Yes", "No", "May Be" for any meeting
  • Pull RSVP list from registrations made and send remainders
  • Send automatic reminders to registered members
Further to the above, Showtime Event Apps enable attendees to make choices about what events to attend based on who else in their social media circles are going. Indeed, it’s an ideal way to engage with audience and ensure to get maximum value.

To embrace this mobile technology for your next event and keep your attendees informed of the next event that’s around the corner contact us.

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