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Feb - 01 - 2015 event A common trait of successful entrepreneur is embracing technology and staying abreast of advancements, just by being so they make a difference. Likewise dynamic associations’ being at the forefront of the technology is nothing new. As event audiences are bored with conventional approach, this particular association decided to pursue mobile member engagement strategy. ANGLER is happy to unveil its ”ShowTime” event management app platform that helps associations to create an exclusive mobile app for organizing global and regional events. This user friendly, interactive event management app served as a complete guide to the members of the associations. With this feature-rich native app association members were able to get info on the event details, meetings, newsletters, MOM, birthday & anniversary reminders, watch Gallery and provide suggestion. In addition to enhance interaction and provide a better experience for the members the app had venue maps to locate meeting venues, social media integration to be connected and latest announcement to keep the members up to date on the association activities Key features for Association:
  • Regular reminders on the meetings
  • Notifications for any updates
  • Easy and quick access to member contact details
  • Access to all the upcoming events and meetings
  • Flexibility in setting up reminders
  • RSVP to ensure the participation of the members in the event
  • Announcing news as they happen in real time
  • Get feedback to focus and improve
Key features for Members
  • Regular Notifications and reminders on the Association activities
  • Up-to-date notifications and updates on any new events
  • Easy access to the member details to build relationships between the members
  • Easy access to the Agenda of the meetings or events
  • Offline services to fetch the information about the happenings
  • Share your Feedback Ratings for review
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