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Dec - 21 - 2018

event management mobile app

Event Organizers are on the search out of ways to market the event, one interesting way of promoting is through Event teasers. Meeting Teasers will provide all basic information & will create interest besides increase registrations. Showcasing event teaser will tempt audience attention and will keep it in the days leading up to your event.

Showtime mobile app is enhanced with a unique, attractive and powerful feature to showcase the event and meeting teasers to association and conference members. Teasers give potential participants a great information that awaits them at the event. These are concrete methods which event professionals can adopt to create anticipation among participants of the occasion. It actually generates just enough excitement and engagement necessary to keep the audience attend the event.

In showTime's mobile event app, admin can upload the teaser images in the web admin panel and get it reflected / showcases in the iOS and Android Mobile app. By generating pre-event hype Members participation percentage can be improved drastically. With an effective advertisement source organizer can better promote events to the right people, at the right time.

To boost event awareness and find efficient ways of reaching target audiences through Showtime event app , Event planners can contact us.

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