Showtime app released an interactive activity feed for Higher User Engagement Bookmark and Share

Jan - 23 - 2017

Businesses are developing branded apps as part of their mobile marketing program. Making frequent updates to the application will improve its rankings and downloads, one such initiative we did in our Showtime Mobile Event Management App is showing the activity of people with whom the user is connected with / follows.  Interactive activity feeds released encourages a user to spend more time in the app besides allows them to share and discover new thoughts.

The activity feed will let users to post their thoughts, use callouts (@) and Hashtags (#), leave other users to feed and comment on the same with tips and encouragement. It helps the user to know what everyone is talking about the event & find ways to differentiate themselves from others. Benefits of this social feature is

  • Increase user signups and purposeful networking
  • Higher user engagement through Instant timely discussions
  • Build communities & help them to be on track
Showtime mobile app has all smart features to communicate instantly and be social, To Create a more personalized and interactive experience for your event attendees contact us.

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