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Aug - 04 - 2017

Showtime implemented Mobile Event App with activity feed feature for a National Association

With the growing rate of mobile app usage, we could see event organizers seeking innovative ways to increase attendee engagement. Adopting mobile technology for meetings, conventions and tradeshows is a way to increase member participation. In today’s time, we could find associations implementing Event mobile app solutions to provide the most ideal attendee experience possible.

YI, a national association with 2010 direct members in 38 chapters have chosen Showtime Event Management App platform of ANGLER to better manage their association meetings and events. With this mobile app association member’s / student user can login & source information like member directory listing, calendar of events, location / floor map etc. on the go without cumbersome downloads or web navigation.

Apart from the usual feature that exist in the any Event Mobile Apps, we have created an attractive activity feed feature that will let users have a private fb like options. Interactive activity feed encourages a user to spend more time in the app besides allows them to share and discover new thoughts. The FB like activity feed lets users to follow / unfollow a member, build communication among members post their thoughts, use callouts (@) and Hashtags (#) etc to gain attention of specific members, leave other users to feed and comment on the same with tips and encouragement.

This upgraded feature in the association mobile event app helps the user to know what everyone is talking about the event as well help you make data-driven decisions.

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