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Dec - 19 - 2017

Survey tool Integration in Showtime Mobile App

Measuring an event’s success is an inevitable part of the planning process. In particular, using surveys tools enable event planners to understand & improve their customer experiences. We keep on gathering ideas to potentially add on new features along with existing to improve the overall experience of the current app. One recent enhancement we have done to our Showtime Event Management App is integration of survey tool.

Event Organizers can use this tool & collect feedback that is critical. This feature inclusion helps Event Organizers / Association Admin to ask questions in a way they get measurable data. Measure attendee satisfaction and refine future events to create a fantastic experience for your attendees. This new update stimulates interaction and drives engagement. Without this module it will be difficult to know what worked well and what needs improvement.

Pre Event & Post Event Survey Benefits

A pre-event survey help Organizers assess event audience's expectations & create program that is of great value to them.

  • Usefulness of a training /event satisfaction survey at every stage will give your insight
  • Keep in touch with clients by providing context for the questions and helping them recollect the experience

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