Know how Angler’s Association Mobile App made the Entrepreneurs Retreat Event Awesome
Feb 2019

Know how Angler’s Association Mobile App made the Entrepreneurs Retreat Event Awesome

To manage an event, or to organize members of an organization for various purposes, is an enormous task. This is when a mobile application like ShowTime can help in administration, considering the large numbers and chapters involved but little time available.

The main task of such an app is to pass on the relevant and latest information, via notifications, messaging, chat or email. The organization may have numerous members and can be categorized under a number of chapters. The app has a flexible multi-chapter member management feature that can bring the chapters closer together by interaction with and between members of individual chapters and even oversee them.

A Chapter Manager can be assigned and delegated some of the functions for smoother operations and efficiency. Overall member communication and collaboration is made easy. Flexible multi-chapter member management is possible.

Other advantages that the app features include:

  • The Chapter Manager can create, publish or distribute content, customized for each chapter.
  • The app can serve small groups at chapter level, or a large group at association/organization level
  • The app becomes an easy communication tool for the Chapter Managers and for the overall Association Manager
  • The app will help track your members, their newsletters, subscriptions, invitations, scheduled meetings, etc

The Showtime’s mobile event app with the easy upload feature can help administrative tasks and thus save substantial time and costs. Event organizers or association managers will find the mobile app to be an important tool for their work and organizational objectives. The Showtime event app is right for event professionals and planners aiming to reach a target audience. The app will exceed their expectations. For more information or a demo contact us or visit our website.

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