Launch of Rotary Innovation 2015-2016 Event app
Mar 2016

Launch of Rotary Innovation 2015-2016 Event app

Mobile applications are playing an imperative role as we all are relying on the convenience of access to on-demand information on the go. Mobile apps are said to change the landscape of many Industries, and rotary clubs are no different. As usage of mobile apps has become more and more common, possessing a mobile app for clubs has become predominant to stay connected with the members before & after the event.

ANGLER being a well known mobile app development company in Coimbatore, India develops innovative club apps for our valuable clients. Hereby, we are proud to announce the successful launch of Rotary Innovation 2015-2016 mobile app which gives us an amazing ability to reach out rotary association members with breaking club news and club information through instant notifications.

App holds overall information about the event, event location, Event agenda, registration process and payment methods etc to the convenience of Rotarians. Beyond the usual features, one can get help desk support for accommodation & tariff details to stay at various hotels in and around the location, Also do comparative study, Know details about the fellow rotory club details in the city with number of officers per club, with the registration prices and the validity of membership.


  • Simplified meeting planning
  • Get overview of the meetings
  • Create a meeting and send notifications instantly
  • Get notifications about the current events and other related events
  • Delivers amazing member experiences
  • Manage past, present and future meeting data
  • Details of the various clubs associate clubs present are provided
  • Compare accommodation details in respective location
  • Streamlines abstract collection for review

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