Multi-day Event Schedules with Search Option
Feb 2016

Multi-day Event Schedules with Search Option

As expectations of customers grow every day, it is significant for businesses to continually improve the quality of the products and remain competitive. Customization is said to be an important business concept which numerous brands are adopting to succeed these days. It’s done to satisfy the customer demands in the best way possible. In fact, engaging customers through customization increases brand loyalty and attracts new buyers.

Showtime is a powerful event management app designed to exceed attendee expectation, take your event to the next level. It enables event organizers to create exclusive mobile apps for all their events and stay connected before, during and after your event. With this feature-rich app you can build the perfect schedule for the event and showcase the event details in an elegant and intuitive way and give your attendees the experience they want.

We are happy to take this platform to share one of our recent feature inclusions that delights Showtime clients, option to filter & customize hectic multi-day/multi-track event schedules with keyword searches. Henceforth, no more scrolling through endless members or multi event Schedules, Click once to get the information you need.

Now, just one click will facilitate you to know about your event. To give your events its own flavor, contact us.

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