Showtime bags an order for another conference app from planter’s association
Sep 2016

Showtime bags an order for another conference app from planter’s association

Significant transformations are taking place in the event industry. Technologies are being utilized to drive the largest audiences. Event planners are enhancing every aspect of the event to add value for attendees. It’s becoming eco-friendly and today there is no informational pamphlets, invitation printing works etc which were in practice earlier.

Showtime is a feature-rich native app which helps event planners to get the most out of their event in a cost-effective way. It eliminates traditional methods of organizing a conference event and provides unique capabilities which not only boost up the brand image besides simplifies management & delivers results to the bottom line.

Having experienced these benefits from Showtime Mobile App the Planters Association Client has inquired for another conference app to optimize attendee experience. Integrating this event technology has made event planners job easier and more productive. Showtime Event app is proud to gain this repeat business from a happy customer. It offers attendees the following

  • Enjoy an exciting event experience
  • Privilege to View a list of events scheduled
  • Bookmark sessions & create their own personal agenda.
  • Provide real-time feedback on the sessions
  • Facilitates networking to initiate conversations with each other

To ensure your events make more than spent, to get a single interface to optimize attendee networking experience and drive engagement around sessions contact us.

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