Contactless Event Management Mobile App/Software during COVID-19 Crisis
August  2020

Contactless Event Management Mobile App/Software during COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to go virtual and get connected digitally wherever possible, which included events & conferences, in most cases without cancelling or rescheduling the planned events or meetings, thanks to the event management mobile apps and telecom platforms available widespread.

To manage events or to organize conferences for various purposes, without any physical contact, take it to the web and work online. Showtime’s contactless event management mobile app helps contactless event check-in during COVID-19 crisis and for subsequent lock-downs that may be imposed geographically for a given time.

Here is your virtual personal assistant – Showtime, the right application for planning your conference or event in a COVID-19 situation. Right from registration and scheduling till the execution of the event, everything can be done remotely with this web-based and mobile event management app / software.

To help you out with remote handling of the process, we have incorporated the necessary features in the Contactless Event Management Mobile App as listed below:

– Event registration and payment done online

– Attendance marked based on QR code, Geo-location, etc.

– Virtual moderator for event sequencing

– Make the event as a virtual experience

– Live-stream in private feed can be done.

– Raise questions, add comments, like or share the event with other social platforms via the app

– Live chat with the ‘Chabot’ option for instant clarification

Such customizable special features enhance user experience. The app can not only list all upcoming, past and future events with its agenda, but offer Google Map Route directions, Venue features, Start & End Dates and Times. It can predict the number of attendees, which helps in planning & organizing the planned Events & Conferences. The event hosts & attendees can access the Association Mobile App directory info conveniently. Digital payments can be managed via secured payment gateway features.

This is exactly why the Showtime mobile event app can step in as a versatile virtual assistant. This Showtime’s contactless event management mobile app is suitable for most event professionals as a proven mobile application for organizing Events and Conferences and found to be a cost-effective solution for organizations, clubs, associations & others.

This event management mobile app platform developed by ANGLER Technologies is compatible to iOS and Android platforms. The best-in-class product, based on the strong domain knowledge in managing events and fairs, is developed with Rich Look user interface, data security, user friendliness and is free of bugs. Showtime offers cutting edge virtual engagement & rich experience for event attendees and organizers over secure yet simple deployments. This fully feature-rich native app will enhance the event experience with its highly customizable & intuitive designed features. For more information visit our website. Contact us for Free Demo.

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