How does post event follow-ups assist event organizers?
Jun  2016

How does post event follow-ups assist event organizers?

In today’s highly competitive world, marketers need to grab hold of every opportunity to build relationships and earn reputation of prospective buyers. It can be achieved by allowing people to know more about your company’s product or service while participating in an event. Event organizers need to keep in mind that just because an event is completed it doesn’t mean that the work is done, as the success of an event highly depends on organizers proper post event follow-ups. A well planned post event follow-up will ensure better branding, pipeline activity and sales.

Here are some post event tactics that helps in maximizing the event’s investment.


A debrief can be helpful to step back from the event and look at it with our objective in mind, and evaluate how well we achieved them. Getting everyone’s opinions on the table post event can open up discussions, discover hidden issues and help to generate ideas for improvement next time.

Thank you mail

Sending thank you mail to everyone who bestowed to the success of an event will add a pleasant conclusion to their experience and confidently get them looking forward to the next event.
Be prepared and follow up with your leads

Event planners should take initiative to reach out the leads as early. It’s also important to generate and collect the resources and necessary materials for the follow up plan. Allocate time to make sure all of these items are completed prior to the event. All post-event follow up should occur within 3-4 days of the event. Proper follow-up with leads can effectually boost-up the sales pipelines.


Keep sending quality content to attendees with multiple online channels to extend life of the event and its objective. Create content during the event as well, like a follow-up email newsletter with event highlights, Facebook photo album of attendees, videos and send it to attendees, it can be used post-event to continue the engagement of attendees and it shows the parts of the event that they might have missed.

Since the conclusion of the event is not the end of your connection with attendees, you have to continue promoting your products / services to them after they leave. With our ShowTime event management app, you can efficiently follow-up your audience. Contact us to know more.

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