Tips to increase Event App Adoption Rate
May  2016

Tips to increase Event App Adoption Rate

In Recent days we could see Mobile apps playing a significant role in conducting Business. Creating an App for your event is one of the best ways to enhance the user experience and reduce the paper consumption. Today, Mobile event app is fueling business growth by gathering insights on attendee experience. Having a good promotion strategy in place will aid get a very high app adoption rate.
Below are some strategies to increase the App Adoption rate.

Promote app early

Promote the app in the beginning stages and share its significance with attendees /prospects at the earliest. Don’t postpone the promotion until the last minute.

Videos are worth a thousand more

Video is a fantastic way to make message literally come alive, so creating video tutorials on how to use the app and its features can help reach more prospects and convert them to an attendee. Incorporate the video on the website and share it with followers through social media.

Leverage Social Networking

Nowadays people are more connected through social networks, so we need to develop an app with social networking capabilities that can help them to interact with others without leaving the apps.

Use Beta Testers

Choose the attendees or prospects and contact them as possible beta-testers for the app; It will allow them to provide useful feedback/suggestion. It also provides a feeling of importance for the users, who are likely to mention it to other attendees.
Promote During the Event

During the event, frequently, remind the audience that the app is available and encourage them to download it and QR codes should also appear on printed materials. Stalls should be available throughout the area for app support and supporting staff should be available if attendees need help understanding the functionality or troubleshooting. It makes them feel worthy of their investment in time and money.

If you follow all these strategies, surely your event app will be widely used and your attendees will enjoy the experience. Contact us to develop the feature-rich mobile event app that helps create brand awareness and gain reputation for your business event among global audience.

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