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mobile event app

All in one Mobile Event App to plan for a Successful Event

To make an event successful event professionals must focus on plenty of most basic tasks.  Foremost thing they need to do is building a mobile event app, by doing so they can do manage the complete cycle of Event. This event management app will simplify the work, help you to keep all information up-to-date, assign surveys to get attendee feedback and make data-driven decisions. Our Mobile Event app technology will help you define your KPIs and measure your event success.

In general, to successfully run any event, you need to keep your event attendee organized, focus on the big picture at the same time track of all the little details. Few Mobile event app features that maximize ROI include the following

  • Do customization of brand colors right from start
  • Manage multiple events, speakers, attendees without any stress
  • Easily identify scheduling conflicts if any
  • Be always connected with everyone by using push notifications
  • Self-service features let’s speakers manage their bio, attendees to block their calendar schedule

If you plan to drive better engagement and achieve attendee satisfaction at your events make use of engagement tools like live polling, along with Q&A features, mobile surveys etc. See to that even a non-technical administrator can manage the event without difficulty. Focus on networking with their peers during event by using the in-app chat option.  Promote offers, send new-highlights, collect user feedback that creates great value. Do comprehensive analysis from every facet of the event planning process to make informed decisions.

Try to keep the attendees busy and interacting by including certain custom features along with existing features. With event app decrease attendee stress and spent time on checking gaining insights to improve ROI. To free up your time & increase the scope of your event contact us.

Event Management Mobile app

Event Management Mobile app helps building networking into your Next Event

Networking is absolutely key for event Industry clients. Mobile Technology is playing a significant role in in the events industry and now it’s essential for event planners to excel. By adopting a mobile event management app event organizer could empower their attendees to network during all stages of the event. Especially, B2B events are about making useful connections, so fuel the success of your future event by networking through event management mobile app.

Mobile app lets event organizer to easily plan meet-ups by creating groups of contacts, keep in touch with all the connections you have made by forging beneficial relationships. Further, this app helps you to meet people with similar interest, build business relationship and nurture the leads for conversion. It allows you to reach out to vast audience and obtain feedback on how the event went.

By integrating an event management mobile app event planner can just go beyond.  Attendee directory, speaker profiles, private messaging, public discussion forums present in the Mobile event app will enable attendees to make the most out of it. You could save time by eliminating paper invitations, or hard copies as everything can be mailed virtually. Event schedules, push notifications can be sent beforehand to makes any event interactive and engaging.

An event management mobile app boasts of several features to interact with dozens or hundreds of people & network on social channels and build network into the next event. This will be a great way for you to create a special hashtag for any particular event. To build an event  networking mobile app that can make all the difference contact us. We can provide you a productive environment to grow your business and create value for all users.

trade show mobile app

Any exhibitor’s marketing plan needs a trade-show app integrated to be effective

Trade shows are an opportunity to market a company’s products and services at, a predetermined time and venue. The marketing team gets the chance to meet face to face with prospective customers visiting. Generally, a trade-show organizer spends a lot in printed material, flyers and pamphlets, but there’s a way to reduce all the paper work and literature, which is to go electronic.

Great Marketing Tool

With help of Wi-Fi and mobile technology, the Trade Fair Managers and exhibitors have exploited the advantage of the internet and mobile apps, supported by portable devices. The mobile event app is a good marketing tool and a practical solution to event managers and marketers to include. Trade show apps are a great way to reach goals, like sharing information instantly via the personal device. Serve up the most relevant content for the trade fair or event to attract participants and visitors.

As for exhibitors, a mobile app works and is very helpful in their marketing plan if they are attending or participating in multiple shows, or events catering to multiple markets. Marketers and exhibitors can use different design templates flexibly for the UI of the application, as like window-dressing, for each trade show/fair or event that’s being promoted. Use the services of an app development agency to optimize your efforts.

Engage the App Users

The mobile app has the particular benefit of push notifications to reach app users. It is a communication tool to drive traffic in, specifically useful to special events, conferences/seminars, with different sessions or for evening events. Another benefit is the reusable data captured and for follow up post-event, for update, future invites or brand recall strategy.

The app can be used for revenue generation too as in the case of registrations, fees, hosting, in-app advertisements or banner messages. Marketers can use gamification to engage the users better, plus offer special prizes and rewards. The app can also be used by organizers to pass on relevant updates and information in real-time.

At ANGLER the Showtime mobile event app provides the right solution to event managers and organizers from any industry or body. A dedicated team can customize the application very cost-effectively and quickly. The  trade show app can be published online to be easily downloaded and used by interested users. The life of the trade show mobile app and uses can be defined before, during or after the project. Contact us for demo, or to know more visit You can also leave us an enquiry.

New Methods to delight your Attendees and increase ROI

Customer experience still remains a buzzword for many businesses as they consider it as a passing trend or they don’t know how to apply the concept and make the most out of it. Today the market is full of competition and to thrive its must that event organizers adopt event apps, an ideal platform to offer a memorable and delightful experience that can meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Getting ideas about planning for an Association, Organization, events is great only when event professionals look for new ways to implement them. For example, Event planners, of this age must think off introducing Event app that not only delight audience, but also generate valuable data which can get you the info you need to evaluate the result.

Mobile Event App features & Benefits

  • Monitor Event activities on a single click
  • Enhance Interaction through Social Networking
  • Keep Members /attendees informed on last minute changes
  • Watch event gallery for event happenings
  • Collect feedback on sessions, speakers, topics, and meetings overall.

Just having an app to make use of during your event will not bring any value instead proper promotion of the event app will trigger organic downloads essential to gain tangible ROI for your event. We need to make the mobile event app available at app stores as well promote the event app on emails as signature link, website, social handles, social campaigns etc to boost at-venue engagement.

By following these event app promotion strategies organizers can witness about 77% of attendee engagement, like last-minute changes updation, lead generation, attendee networking, marketing and much more you would prefer to get participants super motivated

Are you in need of a branded mobile event app for your upcoming event. We can help you to adopt this technology for details contact us.

Tips to increase Event App Adoption Rate

In Recent days we could see Mobile apps playing a significant role in conducting Business. Creating an App for your event is one of the best ways to enhance the user experience and reduce the paper consumption. Today, Mobile event app is fueling business growth by gathering insights on attendee experience. Having a good promotion strategy in place will aid get a very high app adoption rate.
Below are some strategies to increase the App Adoption rate.

Promote app early

Promote the app in the beginning stages and share its significance with attendees /prospects at the earliest. Don’t postpone the promotion until the last minute.

Videos are worth a thousand more

Video is a fantastic way to make message literally come alive, so creating video tutorials on how to use the app and its features can help reach more prospects and convert them to an attendee. Incorporate the video on the website and share it with followers through social media.

Leverage Social Networking

Nowadays people are more connected through social networks, so we need to develop an app with social networking capabilities that can help them to interact with others without leaving the apps.

Use Beta Testers

Choose the attendees or prospects and contact them as possible beta-testers for the app; It will allow them to provide useful feedback/suggestion. It also provides a feeling of importance for the users, who are likely to mention it to other attendees.
Promote During the Event

During the event, frequently, remind the audience that the app is available and encourage them to download it and QR codes should also appear on printed materials. Stalls should be available throughout the area for app support and supporting staff should be available if attendees need help understanding the functionality or troubleshooting. It makes them feel worthy of their investment in time and money.

If you follow all these strategies, surely your event app will be widely used and your attendees will enjoy the experience. Contact us to develop the feature-rich mobile event app that helps create brand awareness and gain reputation for your business event among global audience.

Tips to Increase Event App Downloads

Event planning may seem stressful, but by utilizing technology you can keep things organized and aim to reach potential attendees. Mobile event apps offer significant value for both event hosting organizations and attendees, generating downloads and motivating usage is the greatest challenge, even with mobile-savvy participants. The ultimate goal of any event organizer would be to help exhibitors & attendees get the most out of each face to face event.

Actually by having these Mobile app for events you can help your attendees easily manage the event schedule , increase networking opportunities, instantly connect with the event using audience response and enable them share takeaways with others, navigate their way around the event right from their smart phones.

Tips to increase Event App downloads

Before the event,

  • Don’t forget to make your app part of initial communication, make your attendees feel it like an essential piece of the experience.
  • Publicize it on social media platforms and integrate provision to download from registration page.

During the event

  • Don’t stop to promote your app download, ensure to catch those missed attendees by Promoting download link on everything-email or SMS communications, registration signage, posters, flyers, push alerts etc
  • Consider to integrating direct paths to download like scan able QR codes or step-by-step instructions that assist attendees to quickly and easily find your app on the App Store or Google Play
  • Know anything that provide value to the event experience will help increase downloads so offer compelling reasons

After Event

Says thanks and include the benefits of your app, audience engaged post-event ensures you have a solid foundation for promoting future events or even, inviting attendees back for next year

Planning for an event is always easier with an enthusiastic team at your back, but before your next event, Plan to adopt Showtime Mobile event app & gives users rich experience.

Mobile Event apps for Trade show Revenue Generation

Trade shows are events consuming massive amount of time, money and manpower for planning. Event organizers have understood that engaging event attendees provides immense value for any event organizer. Creating organizer-friendly and user friendly event app will manage find the event info at your finger tips. To bring your tradeshow online, increase exhibitor visibility, maximize revenue generation and actionable insight read this blog.

Getting started with event apps not just makes event planning easier it helps you to make your event a success. It greatly benefits trade shows, associations /clubs or conferences and has proven to enhance coordination and improve attendee experience. Network is one of the top reasons people attend events, mobile event apps help build a community of likeminded people. With Showtime mobile event app tradeshow organizers can streamline operations for tradeshow, save substantial time; as well capture leads on the spot easily and quickly.

Showtime’s Features for Tradeshow Organizers & Exhibitors

  • Responsive design of the app lets you to access via any computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Attracts more visitors to an exhibit, encourage them to interact with your brand
  • Makes trade show attendee to access interactive maps for trade show venue & exhibitor booths
  • Send push notifications to alert the exhibitors about new updates, reminders
  • Facility to network & share your opinions with other attendees through “comments” or “likes”
  • Conduct survey & get answers, so that you can then generate reports for analysis
  • Obtain attendee contact information, and then continue the relationship after the show.
  • Get on demand reports that summarize large sets of data in real-time

Whether you’re organizing a conference, corporate meeting, or tradeshow event our feature rich event app Showtime will enable tradeshow organizers to personalize & promote their brand with ease. With these Mobile event apps at your palm you can get good return on investment! For more details regarding this tradeshow event app contact us.

Factors to consider when selecting an Event App

Today we could find apps for anything you may think. Say for example from learning to entertainment. This article states the various must have factors user should consider when selecting an event app for your event. Having an event app is no longer optional but only by selecting a mobile event app with increased attendee engagement you can make your event more successful.

Explore the features, user interface, examine whether it’s secure, scalable, can brand be integrated, attendee be kept engaged and then select the right app for your event. Compare Apps and see if you are getting value for money.

  • See to if your target audiences are familiar with use of apps, downloading & functionality. Choose an App that gives user the best experience in terms of speed and function
  • Look too the event venue and check for its WiFi connectivity. Take necessary measures to effectively address connectivity concerns if any in advance so as to enable attendee participate in live polling and surveys

Must have features

  • Apps that give attendees a place to state their opinions whether positive or negative by providing ratings and feedback.
  • Real-time notifications to help organizer update the last minute changes to participants without any hassle

Remember, only when your app has a balance between what you need to achieve and what your attendees expect from your event you can make sure your stakeholders see positive ROI from your app. The more it helps your attendees, the more value they will find in using it. We develop feature rich Mobile event app that helps you get the most out of your event in a cost-effective way. To know more details about our ShowTime – Mobile Event Management App contact us.

Metrics to measure the Success of Your Event’s Mobile App

Make Showtime Mobile Event App as a handy resource for the event participants. Mobile event app is primarily event specific and it provides great functionality for organizers to mobilize their events. To measure its success rate the most important metrics that every event organizer must evaluate is to measure the key parameters like number of downloads, return visits, user activity, ROI, New registrations, survey responses, review & ratings.

Measure Downloads

Compare the number of downloads with that of total event attendee, look for number of social media followers, unique attendee logins and your investment.

Return Visits

Make a note of visitors who revisits to find the new additions made, as well as to remain updated with the event happenings.

User Activity

To know about user activity Look for searches made, listing clicks, distinctive logins, attendee additions, custom-made planners and new requests received

Analyse ROI

Promote the mobile event app strategically and be certain to check click rates and downloads triggered by your promotions.

New registrations

Downloads can even be made by enthusiast who are curious to know about the event, so by providing a link to the registration site and easily track the conversion rate.

Reviews / Comments

Must frequently check the comments for our mobile event app at the app store and must evaluate those & take steps to improvise on significant aspects if any needed.

Survey responses

As soon as the event gets over get answers from attendees and based on feedback assess the effectiveness of the apps performance.

Insight reports received from the above metrics when evaluated will help every event organizer to know the apps ability to lead user complete the key objectives of the event, get details on which features need to be improvised and about updates that can be done to accommodate user preferences.

Do you want prefer having Mobile event app for the event you are planning to organize in the near feature then you may feel free to enquiry us at our Showtime website.

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