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Association Event App enhanced with Intuitive Features for better Member Engagement
May 2020

Association Event App enhanced with Intuitive Features for better Member Engagement


Client is a member of a renowned business network association spread across various countries. Members of this association are young entrepreneurs focused on business growth, personal development and community engagement.


Association members are already using our Showtime’s Association Event app, now their need is to enrich it by adding a new intuitive feature wherein members & their spouses can view the attendance points & Engagement Point on their Profile screens.

What We did

We studied the requirement & came up with the add-on, every member & spouse who attend the association meeting will receive attendance points & engagement points being displayed on their profile screens. Regional Admin & Chapter Admin of the association will set the attendance points and engagement points before scheduling a Meeting. Real-time attendance will be marked through the beacon reader in meeting venue and only Members/Spouse those who attended will be receiving the points. Based on highest engagement points, the top two members will be rewarded by the Chapter Admin/Regional admin offline.

Technology Platform

Android & iOS


  • Real time Member attendance report for individual meetings can be taken
  • Attendance & Engagement points will keep the members & spouse engaged with EO
  • Members have flexibility to suggest their available time for the meeting
  • Rewards systems will give motivations and rejuvenations among the Members & spouse

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